Cross and Crown: DISCUSSION

As the title of this post suggests, this will be heavy on the spoilers, so if you haven’t read Cross and Crown yet…#BYEFELICIA




I was a little…nervous to start this book. I’d heard from friends that it wasn’t as good as they expected, they didn’t like the ‘mystery’ part of it, etc. So to say I was a little biased when I started would be an understatement. I went in thinking I wouldn’t like it, but Abi proved me wrong. This is not a book review, but rather a discussion of some of my favorite aspects.

First, let’s start off with the National Treasure vibe this book has. I was fully expecting Nicholas Cage and Justin Bartha to pop around the corner at any moment. This was a problem for some people, but I loved it. I’m a huge history nerd, so Knights Templar and Masonic lure was perfect for me. I loved the new side of Nick that this adventure brought out; intelligence is sexy. And of course it wouldn’t be a Sidewinder story if there wasn’t some form of adventure or conflict.

Secondly, let’s all take a moment to discuss Julian Cross. He is arguably my favorite character in this series. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nick and Kelly, but the mysteriousness of Cross just does it for me. He’s a little less put together in C&C, but considering he’s hunting for Cameron, that’s understandable. Seeing his interactions with Nick and Kelly was great…watching his respect for Nick grow was even better. Especially during the scene where it’s revealed that Nick has not one, but two favors owed him by the head of the Irish mob in Boston. Which brings me to my next point…

Nick dealing with the mob was my favorite part of this book. I hope that’s something that Abi chooses to expound on in the future. There’s a history there that I think would make an excellent backdrop for a book. Now for my opinion that will probably get me burned at the stake by the Ty fangirls…This scene to me highlights the differences between Nick and Ty. Ty is shady and you don’t quite know where he falls most of the time. I don’t really trust what he says at this point. Nick however is clearly a stand up guy. He made a promise to Julian that he would find Cam and he’s not stopping until he does…no matter what it costs him. I can’t imagine that it was easy for Nick to walk into that hotel, knowing what the others would find out about him, but he did it anyway. And really, Nick made the right choice…he left the mob. I think that’s a huge indicator of his integrity. I feel like Ty would have played both sides, kept his ties to the mob, while also working with the PD. That’s just my opinion and I’m well aware that it’s not a popular one.

While we’re on the topic of Ty, let’s hang our hat here for a moment. The one scene that we ‘see’ Ty was handled perfectly. Nick hasn’t forgiven him and I’m glad about that. Ty doesn’t deserve forgiveness at this point and it would be unrealistic if Nick had moved on already. Ty’s phone call serves as a reminder about what a manipulative ass he is. He knows that Nick isn’t ready to forgive him for his huge indiscretions, yet he tries to act indignant anyway. I’m over their friendship quite honestly. Nick and Kelly are beyond strong enough to carry this series without Ty, or Zane, popping up all the time. It’s past time for them (Ty/Zane) to ride off into the sunset. I do think there will be some resolution between Nick and Ty, but I’m hoping it’s towards the end of the Sidewinder series and even then it’ll never be the way it was before. There’s too much damage there for them to return to that place.

Where does that leave us?

I’m not really sure. There are a lot of interconnecting plot lines that have to be tied up in the final Cut and Run book. Richard Burns, the mole, and the cartel are all interconnected so once one unravels it should create a domino effect for the other two. Ty and Zane obviously should be tying the knot in their final book. Maybe they’ll get their HEA after all. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Julian Cross. I’m of the opinion that he’ll be called into play when Liam Bell makes his re-appearance. I’m interested to see how that whole thing plays out. I’m looking forward to reading more of the Sidewinder books once Nick and Kelly are hooked up with Emma. That should make for some interesting stories!


8 thoughts on “Cross and Crown: DISCUSSION

  1. You got my attention with this discussion. Even though I LOVE LOVE the whole series there were a few books ahead of this one. It just got bumped up. Appreciate it!

  2. Great discussion. I agree SOOO much on your points re: Julian – he is fantastic, and his quiet fierceness was showcased so nicely once again in C&C – and re: the Irish mob scene. There is so much that can be done with that backstory, and Abi can play with the ‘other favor’ Nick is still owed. 😉 While this wasn’t my favorite book (much of it was just flat for me – the ‘case’ itself didn’t hold my interest as much, though I also love history, AND history nerds. 😉 ), there were still many good things going on, and I look forward to see the direction this series takes. I ADORE Nick and Kelly together.

  3. I loved every word of this. I am so excited for Nick and Kelly to take this series over. Nick fascinates me to no end and Kelly is his perfect partner. Their relationship is so different from Ty and Zane’s and as an admitted Zaniac, I can say that while I’ll be sad for the end of the Cut and Run series, I am so looking forward to seeing what Abi does with Nick and Kelly. Great, insightful post as always!!

  4. Great review. I adore Ty & Zane, but have quite a weakness for Nick & Kelly as well. I thought the book was fabulous and agree with you on the vast majority of the points you made.

    I am not over Ty & Nick’s friendship however. I think there’s still potential for them to have a more honest friendship than they’ve had in the past. I think a great deal depends on how the final C&R book ends and where Abi goes with the Sidewinder series, but personally I would like the see Nick and Ty work their shit out. You’re right in that the friendship will never be the same but I think there’s a lot of potential for them to have a better friendship in the future. Then again, I know I’m an eternal optimist …

    Oh, and I adored Julian as well. I wish I’d re-read “Warrior’s Cross” before I read this.

  5. HUGE Julian fan. Ever since he said, “Will someone please tell me the Safeword?” in Warriors Cross when Ty was searching him in the bathroom. Actually, he had several, great, snarky lines in that book. I missed the snark here, but understand his mind was focused on finding Cam. Wish we’d have seen a little more true Cam in this one. He was kinda flat. Overall, I love Nick and Kelly and while no one can replace Ty and Zane, the other characters can definitely hold their own.

  6. This was really good, so glad I bumped it up. I love Nick & agree about wanting to see more with regard to his connection with the mob. I also love him with Kelly. My only concern is they seem so solid already. I love reading angst & I just don’t see how she can pull that out of them if they are already this far along in their relationship.

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